Restoration Branches

Who WE are

The Cornerstone of Zion is owned and operated by the Heartland District of the Church of Jesus Christ. Because Nauvoo marks the divergent path of the various divisions of the saints that came into being following the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1844, it seemed fitting that the original restored gospel should have a voice in Nauvoo. The Heartland District, with the support of the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches, purchased and renovated what is now the Cornerstone of Zion building.

The Heartland District is a group of Restoration Branches and other members of the church who work together to promote the Restored Gospel. 

Restoration Branches are independent groups of disciples who believe in the original fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith, Jr in 1830. A number of those saints who remained true to the original doctrine of the church reorganized with Joseph Smith, III as prophet and president in 1860. More than a century later as leadership started to change the doctrine, many left the institutional part of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) and formed independent Restoration Branches. The institutional portion of that church is now known as the Community of Christ.