Cornerstone of Zion

Church of Jesus Christ ~ Missionary Outreach Center


Who are the Restoration Branches?

The Church of Jesus Christ Restoration Branches are groups of disciples who believe in the original fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830. Many members were originally baptized into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) organized by Joseph Smith, III in 1860; but, more than a century later as liberal leadership started to change the doctrine, many left the church and formed individual Restoration Branches. After this the RLDS church migrated further from the original teachings and now has changed their name to Community of Christ. The Restoration Branch members are Saints who claim to hold true to the original gospel of Jesus Christ, restored through Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830, and reorganized by Joseph Smith, III in 1860.


What is the Heartland Distrtict?

The Heartland District is a group of Restoration Branches, and other members, who work together to promote the gospel in southeast Iowa, southwest Illinois, and northeast Missouri. They are the owners of the Cornerstone of Zion.  They are a District of the Joint Conference of Branches, which is an international body of Saints that also work to promote the fullness of Jesus Christ's gospel on a global level.


What is the Cornerstone of Zion?

Nauvoo, Illinois is a key historical site for the Restoration movement, because it was at this place where the Church, originally formed by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830, grew to be its largest during his life time. It was here where he was killed as a martyr in 1844, along with his brother Hyrum. Today many people visit Nauvoo to learn of the history, and to see many restored buildings from those days of the Church.

The Restoration Branch Saints have created a visitor center, Cornerstone of Zion, that looks not only to the past, but more to the future; even to Zion, the city of God, of which Joseph Smith, Jr. first brought forth such a vision for this continent. It is a cornerstone in that the center of Zion will be Independence, Missouri and, more importantly, it is a cornerstone because it promotes Jesus Christ and His gospel, the cornerstone of all things.