Cornerstone of Zion

Church of Jesus Christ ~ Missionary Outreach Center


Cornerstone of Zion's Purpose

The Cornerstone of Zion is an effort, in response to the leadings of God, to share the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, or, in other words, the Restoration Message. The Heartland District, with the support of the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches and many church members, purchased and renovated a building in Nauvoo, Illinois for the purpose of spreading this good news.

A primary focus of the endeavor is not to promote a particular organization of the Restoration, but to lift up Christ of the Restoration, in a way that is inviting and uplifting to all. Another particular intent is to spread the Vision of Zion, a distinctive tenant of Christ's restored church. Nauvoo, Illinois is a key historic site for the church, which was restored to fullness via Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830.

However, a tragic upheaval occurred in 1844 when the Prophet/President Joseph Smith, Jr. was martyed.  Yet, the Vision of Zion, and the authority to fulfill it, lives on. Thus, the intent of Cornerstone of Zion is to foster and energize this Vision of Zion, so that Zion soon becomes a reality. 

All are invited to visit and discover the many truths that we long to share. In addition to live and video presentations, we have electronic information compilied in the form of images, audio, video, and text available for purchase.  Other things avaialbe, include hand made items from the Saints around the world.  All proceeds go to assist the ongoing outreach of this endeavor.

A schedule of events is available on the Calendar page of this site. We hope to see you soon!